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They already trusted us with their support, how about you?

The Talkii-project is moving full-steam ahead. The Talkii app is in developpment and we count to launch it soon. Meanwhile we are looking for all the support we can get. There are multiple ways you can contribute to our project.

Affiliate Programm

Support us and we show the people that you helped autistic people around the world by becoming our partner and having your logo displayed on our website.

Schools Partnership

We like to support children and their eduction by offering special deals for educational institutions.


We have succefully started a crowdfunding campaign. We are hoping on your support so we are able to bring you the best product. Our funding campaign currently runs with the help of Don't hesitate click on the link below and show us your support.

support us

Support us and contribute to something significant.

Each contribution, no matter the size, will increase hope for a better quality of life for all people with Autism Syndrome. Let‘s fight together for them.

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